Makr specializes in organizational development and operations for creative firms and internal creative teams. 

We focus on people, process & culture to drive creativity, efficiency and innovation.

Makr helps organizations build human-centric systems that work for your specific culture. We use a range of organizational development and innovation thinking to help build effective teams with a culture that supports cross-disciplinary collaboration, multidisciplinary views and organizational-wide creativity. 




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Areas of Expertise


We’ll help your organization or internal brand department to define objectives, goals, strategies and measures to ensure that the business is aligned top to bottom with strategic priorities. Together, we’ll create a new, cohesive framework — one that’s based on meeting your business objectives, while supporting what makes your organization unique, and freeing leadership to meet your long-term objectives.

•Business Plan Building
•Operationalize Strategic Plans
•Capability Gap Closing
•Culture Building


We work by a set of guiding principals, that help us to adapt the way you work to best fit what you are tasked to create. We seek to build teams, by teaching them how to work together, be self-sufficient, empowered. We look to directly effect the output of your creative organization by increasing team cohesiveness, team culture & team leadership — to increase the value that you bring to your clients. 

•Team Assessments & Development
•Team Learning & Workshops
•Team Design
•New Services Design
•Workforce Design


As the organization grows, it will often find itself facing new challenges, evolving the way it works to meet its new needs. Good organizational design moves beyond shifting the lines and boxes in an org chart — it takes down the silos, fragmented processes and reporting structures that have evolved over time and recasts them into a viable model that allows for the richness of executing ideas and objectives.

•Reboot the Organization
•Business Model Innovation & Design
•Organization Assessments
•Process Assessment & Design
•Behavior Assessments & Interventions


Managing creative people and creative projects is no easy task. We offer a range of on-site classroom and hands-on workshops to train your team leads. We specialize in creative project management, integrated producer training and training leads for self-organized teams. 

•Establish a PMO
•Consolidate Project Management
•PM Learning & Workshops
•PM Talent Assessment
•Modern PM Processes for Teams


At the heart of getting all this done is the need for strong operations and financial competency. We help you build a strong backbone, so you can "operationalize" your long-term vision. We’ll work with you to uncover the root of operational pains, and develop an implementation plan to address capability gaps and improvement opportunities.

•Build Operations Competency
•Develop Metrics
•Revenue Building / Accelerate Growth
•Human Resources Development


Concerned about enacting an organizational plan? Successful execution of any strategic, operational or process plan often requires working across the organization with key individuals and teams — and we are here to help. We also offer a range of in-depth one-on-one coaching for agency leaders, management leads, project managers and teams.

•Assessment & Development
•Training & Workshops
•COO in Residence


During my twenty years of creative firm experience in the New York City area, I've found that creative firms (and agencies) benefit strongly from clarity of process and a defined workflow (not too complicated and not too simple so that we become lost). It's this clarity that makes projects successful and less stressful when we are all working the long days in creative land.  

Process in an organization should be considered a baseline for what should happen. Culture is the environment. Creativity happens when people are able to use this baseline in an environment that allows for building new ways of looking at problems. These connections can happen anywhere inside and outside of your organization; they are new connections amid the chaos that allow for innovation, creativity, craft & design for the idea at hand.

- Ed Burgoyne



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