What’s Makr?

Humans do two things; we use tools and we tell stories. When you make something, you’re doing both at once— that’s a Maker.

We help makers—well, make stuff.

It could be helping;
a person gain a new skill to make something different,
a team work together so they can make a thing they couldn’t before,
a creative hub become stronger at executing their vision,
an organization grow or rebuild.

Organizational design helps folks become better creators, to envision what could be and to help them build the future way of doing things—designing their new story. 

Operations design helps folks get to their future, to have robust support systems and tools that get them where they want to go—to make and execute ideas.


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Edwin Burgoyne

My job is to use the tools of design to enhance organizational culture, boost collaboration and teamwork, improve structures and processes, enable learning and development, and create a sense of purpose and belonging for people. Your future story.

Since 2009, Ed has run Makr Consulting—an organizational development & operations consultancy specializing in creative organizations, enterprises and in-house agencies. Ed’s past includes eighteen years in creative land, as Managing Director at Plus, Head of Production at Taxi NYC, VP of Production at Cossette, Creative Services Director at Lois EJL, VP at Ambassador Marketing and stints at W+K, R/GA and others. Ed was a guest lecturer at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam. Ed was a featured speaker at the PMP 2017 Project Management Summit in Detroit, Michigan.



Rochester Institute of Technology
B.S., Applied Arts & Science

Rochester Institute of Technology
M.S Studies


He runs Adsubculture, a blog focusing on creative agency operations.