Makr is an organizational development consulting firm — that specializes in creative organizations.

Investing in how your agency works is vital to long-term success. Building a team that can innovate and create anything that a client throws at them is more important than ever to the future of creativity and innovation.
— Ed Burgoyne, Makr Consulting

We work with creative agencies, marketing departments and brands to;

  • Guide leaders and their teams to make sound choices about the design of their organizations,
  • Coach executives, directors and team leads to be more effective leaders,
  • Organizational effectiveness, analyze what works, what doesn’t – from process to people to culture.
  • Use OxD (organizational experience design) as a discovery, methodology and strategic planning tool for building your organization,
  • Use OA methods to build and help you execute a new plan for your organization that makes sense of where you are now, and to prepare for the future.
  • Develop the skills of managers at all levels to succeed in complex, matrixed & creative environments,
  • Improve the overall organization by coaching, consulting or counseling,
  • Act as a strategic business advisor, helping you align a system to deliver your company’s objectives,
  • Assist in organizational culture change,
  • Look to improve efficiency and improve financial performance, from teams to all levels of operations,
  • Help navigate the emotional stages of change,
  • Act as a bridge to the latest thought leadership in strategy and integrated production,
  • Build organizations that can collaborate & stand on their own, that are no longer dependent on me, and can build on sustainable organizational change.

A FEW Examples of Core Deliverables

Organizational assessment and development planning, including initial assessment and recommendations, resulting in a written assessment report and an organizational development plan to address issues described in the report.

Management team development, including engagement, staffing and organization of members, along with comprehensive, step-by-step guidelines and materials for all critical and ongoing team activities, resulting in a written management team development plan and agency process model. 

Strategic planning, including customizing planning process, identification and/or clarification of all critical issues and specific strategies to address each issue, resulting in a written relevant, realistic and flexible strategic plan.

Leadership and supervisory development, including identifying performance goals for each position, clarifying roles and organization, and customizing employee performance management system, along with comprehensive, step-by-step guidelines and materials for all critical leadership and supervisory activities, resulting in an organization chart, a staffing plan, job descriptions, workflow analysis and process books and an updated handbook of personnel policies.

Project management and financial management systems, deployment, redeploy or swap; research, recommendation and implementation. From hourly rate analysis, to overhead review, I look to build a balanced score card for your agency.

Team building, team development, and project control, from coaching, to team assessments and development to recommending the right project management processes for your agency, pulling from traditional project management, to agile/lean processes to design thinking.


Through our toolbox of assessments, audits, strategic action plans, workshops, OxD modeling, interventions, ops & financial reviews, coaching and staff development programs we strive to build agency cultures and processes that supports self-reliant teams and excellence.

We look to directly effect the quality of the work — and the value that you bring to clients. We focus on adjusting a network of organizational and operational areas to increase your firm’s efficiency and to directly help your bottom line.

Reach out today to learn more about how Makr Consulting can help you build your organization.
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