Makr concentrates on the people, processes and culture factors to build your organization — to help you turn ideas into real world executions. 

About Makr (Mā’kər)

There are times when agencies can benefit by stepping back and looking inward. We work so hard on outward-facing projects, we often forget to work on our inner selves. Makr starts by engaging with the organizations principals to better understand where you are now, what makes your organization special, why things are the way they are, what makes it run and what your hopes for changes now and in the future. We work with you to generate understanding of the agency's core values and objectives (and it's perceived versus actual culture). We build strategies that position the organization for growth. We clarify roles, on levels, and seek to show how they can evolve. We then offer agency-wide cultural, core competencies, workflow and best-practice assessments. We focus our time on how to increase efficiencies, improve agency culture and how to make the agency more profitable. We pull from a range of project management thinking, from traditional project management, to agile and lean practices as well as the learnings from design thinking. No agency is the same, and the systems we develop are unique to you. We are here to help you develop the teams and culture that will move your agency forward.

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After eighteen years of management and leadership positions in advertising, Ed has found that organizations benefit strongly from clarity of process and a defined set of roles and workflow. Creativity requires a framework that is flexible, that is designed to meet business goals.

Ed's experience includes managing director at Plus, an independent ad agency as well as executive level roles in award-winning agencies. During his career, He has been both in the trenches and on management teams. He has run the gamut of operations and numerous integrated production, studio, project management and IT departments for agencies in the New York City area. His background includes; Director of Production at Taxi NYC (Small Agency of the Year by the AAAA's, for 2007 & 2008), Vice President, Director of Production for Cossette Post in New York, Creative Services Director for Lois EJL/USA (George Lois' last agency), six years as VP, Studio Services for Ambassador Marketing and stints at Wieden + Kennedy, R/GA and Stein Rogan & Partners in New York. Prior to starting his career in advertising, Ed studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology, with concentrations in traditional animation and organizational management. He is currently a graduate student at RIT focusing on a masters of science program on organizational development in the creative environment.

Ed leads an expanded Makr group of OD (Organizational Development), training and counseling professionals. 

He also runs Adsubculture, a blog focusing on agency operations.

Leading Chaos —
The Art & Science of Creative Project Management
Release date September 2016

Leading Chaos —The Art & Science of Creative Project Management is aimed at anyone who wants to understand how to manage projects in a creative firm environment. This books offers considered insights into the many frameworks, models and ways of approaching project management in the creative business environment. Leading Chaos offers key strategies to approach leading both directed and self-directed teams. 

Topics Include:

• guidelines for managing creative firms & teams
• project management in the creative environment
• managing the project team
• creative firm culture
• creative firm process
• creative firm structure
• moving beyond traditional project management
• waterfall & agifall project management
• the integrated producer
• an introduction to agile

Written for both creative firm leaders and professional creative project managers, Leading Chaos identifies and offers ways of managing creative process & workflow that is tailored specifically to the unique needs of creative businesses and in-house creative departments. Leading Chaos is authored by Ed Burgoyne writer of the popular creative project management website adsubculture.com

Investing in your organization is more important than ever. Building a team that can innovate and create anything that a client throws at them is crucial to the long-term health of your business.
— Ed Burgoyne, Makr Consulting