Makr helps creative organizations, enterprises and in-house agencies with the business of creativity.

Improve & See the Big Picture

Seek and relieve roadblocks,
through organizational assessments,
analysis of creative operations,
and people, systems, process & interactions.

Reach Your Goals

Meet your business goals,
through strategic business planning,
business model design,
capability assessments and gap development,
talent systems and new organizational design elements.

Solutions for Big & Small Change

Reshape the organization,
through change management initiatives,
blank slate—organization reboot,
culture building & behavioral change,
capability gap closing,
new services design,
and behavior intervention programs.

Programs that Bring a Return on Investment

Increase your revenue, profitability & creative problem solving by,
examining the big picture & key gaps,
building an organization that aligns with your business strategy,
building a team based workforce,
establishing an operations hub that can scale project, initiative or services,
building people that put interactions and behavior first,
process and ways of working that fix complexity.

Improve Creative Operations

Gain insight, accountability & program control,
through operations team development,
map internal process with project financials,
performance & financial metric dashboard development,
resource planning design,
and development of operations roles.

Build Effective Teams

Increase collaboration, effectiveness & accountability,
through team assessments & development,
team development,
interaction and process / workflow analysis & development,
and team leader training.

Improve Your People

Make better team members that grow as you grow,
through people assessments,
workforce design,
role analysis and development,
behavior change interventions,
and development and execution of learning development programs.