Organizational Design for Humans

We believe effective creative organizations run on operating systems that enable the organization to continuously adapt in response to a changing world.

We work with leaders and teams across the organization to capture the true state of how work gets done, based on the shared organization story, independent of formal reporting lines. 

We collaborate to identify what’s working, where teams are getting stuck, and what iterative (or transformational) improvements we can make.

Based on organizational goals, we collaborate with leaders and teams to design roles, structures, and processes.

We conduct our engagements through human centered approach and traditional organizational development processes in order to help design the right operational & organizational model for your creative organization.

Getting Ready for Change


Everything starts with discovery.

There are many strategic ways that Makr can approach change in an organization. What works best for you — requires an understanding of who you are. 

We’ll get to know each other and determine which organizational levers to focus on. We’ll discuss your goals, the problems you see, and issues you’ve identified. We’ll conduct internal interviews. Together we will explore where potential leverage points may be that can create the positive changes needed to achieve your goals. This is where we discover your organization’s story (it’s real shared vision & mission) and help you look at what it would take to get you there.


How are you doing?

We use a design-centered approach to assess your organizational as our first step, in analyzing your overall way of working. It consists of a series of interviews, assessments and team workshops that provide an assessment of the current state of your organization. We assess your current organization, systems, capabilities, resources, roles and process from both a tactical and strategic perspective. We provide an evaluation that provide insight to your companies’ current state, goals and effectiveness.

Align Leaders & Teams


We define what you need to do & make a plan for action.

Once the initial discovery and assessment process is completed, we assist your firm in defining the strategy and tactics that will deliver results for your organization. We conduct workshops that are designed to help senior leadership and teams design and implement projects that deal with strategic change with practical solutions.

Prototype Change Initiatives

We then design a collaborative way of working, enacting change from multiple levels within your organization, focusing on key operations, process, team, culture or behavior issues. We may look to develop new ways of working, shift resources, redefine (or define) roles, train / retrain, or look to prototype part of the organization into the new organizational model.

Trial Programs

Select & Run Trial Programs

We partner with you to implement change in your organization and capture opportunities to realize goals.

We stick with you through the difficult part of jump-starting change through trials and adoption. We help you write and manage short-medium-long term plans, institute human capital systems and communication plans, create and enhance standard operating procedures, and process change. We help your teams solve priority problems using new ways of working through weekly check-ins and the development of roundtable change

Long-Term Adoption

Implementation & Evaluation

We help to ensure organization-wide change.

We learn something new and adjust at every stage of the process and incorporate it into widespread adoption of effective practical changes. We conduct programs that lead to documenting successful approaches to your long-term change initiatives. Organizational development should not be a one time project for your organization—we work together to be proactive to change, helping you measure on-going performance. Organizations can’t wait for change to happen to them, they must be proactive in preparing and changing the organization for the future.