Makr Consulting specializes in organizational development and operations for creative firms and internal brand teams. 

We focus on people, process & culture to drive creativity and innovation.

Makr helps organizations build human-centric systems that work for your specific culture.
We use a range of organizational development and innovation thinking to help build effective teams with a culture that supports cross-disciplinary collaboration, multidisciplinary views and organizational-wide creativity. 

It's not just process that creates change, it's strategic system thinking.

Think Oxd — the blending of user experience methods, design thinking and traditional OD (organizational development) to realign and design your internal organization. Makr helps teams to build & leverage connections among the chaos  — so you can focus on the teamwork of creativity. We believe that how your organization operates is central to your mission.

We help you identify and analyze what makes your organization special.

It's not just about building process in your company, it's about creating an environment where people are engaged and creativity can happen. I look to realign the organization's values, build strong foundations, create quality communication and collaboration. Makr seeks to understand where you are now, what makes your organization special, why things are the way they are, what makes it run and what your hopes are for change now and in the future.


Creativity and Innovation need a supportive structure.

Building leaders are important to any organization, but it is equally important to build teams that can execute those ideas. Makr builds Makers — teams that can continue to grow and contribute to your organization. We use staring points in traditional, agile, lean project management and design thinking theory to develop methods of working that can grow with you.

 FOCUS ON what works and filling the gaps to meet your strategic goals.

We work with you to generate understanding of the agency’s core values and objectives (and it’s perceived versus actual culture). We build strategies that position the organization for growth. We clarify roles, on all levels, and seek to show how they can evolve. Together we focus our time on creating and implementing action plans to increase efficiencies, improve agency systems, focusing on how to make the agency more profitable and efficient.


Reach your agency's strategic goals by the creation of a solid operational foundation to build on. Makr can assess all aspects of your agency's creative and financial operations to gain an acute understanding of your agency and it's improvement opportunities. Our operations assessments lead a detailed gap analysis — the difference between what you do know and the ideal future state for operational performance. We cover overall agency strategy, organizational design, financial model, and personnel development. Let us jump start your strategic planning by giving you an action plan to get there.

Building adaptable culture, talent and process that fits your needs.

No agency is the same, and the systems (and practices) we develop and put in place are unique for you. We're here to help you develop the teams and culture that will move your organization forward. We understand the creative process — because we are makers too.

Based in the NYC area, frequently in Portland, Oregon & always open to travel.
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