Operational excellence for creative firms.

Makr Transforms Creative Organizations


Organizational Development
for Creative Organizations.

What makes Makr Different? The blending of organizational design, design thinking with operations excellence to realign, design and develop your organization.

We enable creative firms to execute on their business strategies, address business challenges & build capabilities for the future.

We build organizations, operations, teams and people.



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Link Your Business Strategy to Organizational Strategy

We assess your current organizational & operating model—your strengths and weaknesses to determine how to effectively implement a strategic realignment, effect process change, build people programs, integrate new capabilities or seize market opportunities.

The Adaptable Organization

We work with you and your teams to collaborate on building an organization that enables you to operate with a start-up mindset that breaks silos, builds cross-organization connections and knowledge sharing to build an organization that can adapt to fast paced creative environments.

Blank Slate Organization Redesign

Sometimes changing one system or process set alone is not enough for true transformation or capability change. We offer a blank page approach that transforms your operating model to simplify your organization, streamline work processes, reveal opportunities and unlock massive savings.


Build the Organization

We help clients design organizations to reduce costs, drive growth, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term organizational health.



Improve the Way You Work

At the heart of getting things done is strong operations and financial competency. We help you build an operations backbone, so you can "operationalize” your long-term vision and build process and workflows that can be measured.

Operations Practices that Supports Teams

Operations excellence starts with strategic alignment of your vision, analyzing your current state and applying it to operational principals, systems & tools to unleash long-term value. Makr believes in business operations that support true decision (and creative) making at the team level.


Build Operations

Our aim is to build organizations with the capacity to sense and adapt to change. We create new operating systems that enable organizations to continuously adapt in response to a changing world.



Build Collaboration, Trust & Empowerment

We seek to help all types of teams—new, fractured, project-based and cross-functional—how to work together, build trust, be self-sufficient, empowered and effective.

Teams & Process Excellence

Team development goes hand-in-hand with process development, especially when tackling creative projects and problem solving. We believe that teamwork centers on internal interactions, not just process. We build teams that act with purpose—building a culture that knows what to do beyond standard operating procedures.


Build Teams

We help you build teams to give them the skills and support they need to perform their activities independently, with accountability, higher employee workplace satisfaction and retention.


Where OD Counts—People.

Organizational development is our base, we use behavioral science to help organizations improve how their people interact and have interactions. We work at the organization level to improve the way of operating and at the individual level to improve teamwork and engagement

Develop People Excellence

Organization development means creating an enabling workplace where people can work effectively toward strategic goals. We explore the overall dynamics of people systems in your firm, and build programs, training & initiatives that moves role development into people development.


Build Individuals

Our goal is to help you build an environment that maximizes a person’s potential and help amplify their contribution to meet your business strategic goals. We build environments to align behavior that pushes problem solving and creative thinking forward.



Practical Problem Solving

Makr helps you analyze whatever problem you’re facing…so you have practical solutions to move forward.

Our task is to challenge good organizations to become even better by adopting new thinking or abandoning old ideas. As an outsider with decades of insider insights and experience—we’re able to step into ambiguous, complex and difficult situations and make sense of what changes need to be made and help facilitate that change.