Cultural Assessment

This assessment tool is used to get an impression of the quality of the most important cultural practices in your agency.  

It takes about 30 minutes to complete this exercise. Your information in the assessment will be shared as a synopsis and as a combined weighted score only. Names and comments will not be attached in the summary report.

The results of this assessment will help to frame and articulate the cultural factors that direct your agency.

Please be honest and truthful in answering the questions, thank you for your time.

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Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability
I am held accountable for the things I say I'll do.
My team is held accountable for the things they do
The leadership team follows through on the things they do
Internal Communications
Internal Communications
The agency has two-way communication
The agency communicates frequently
The organization communicates what needs to get done clearly
The agency communicates formally
Getting decisions made is quick
Getting decisions made is easy
Leadership Team
Our leaders take calculated risks
Suggestions from all levels of the organization are taken seriously and actively considered
Our leadership team works for the good of the organization even if its to the detriment of the clients
Change is talked about in a positive way and is seen as an opportunity
Making Mistakes
When we have a problem it is reported quick and the priority is on fixing and learning from it
I feel that I am recognized / rewarded
Cultural Web

Thank you for your time in completing this survey!