Consulting Services

Every firm has a time where it may need a bit of help. Creative firms are passionate, and client focused. It can be hard to find the time to develop your own people and agency. We act as a way of helping you to enact change to move your organization forward. We specialize in creative operations, workflow, process and team development. Makr has worked for a range of creative agencies and in-house brands helping them overcome a range of operational problems as well as building agility and efficiency. Makr is here to help you along the change process and to help hold your agency accountable to moving forward. Not only do you get our years of experience creating stuff as well, but the collective experience of our perspectives.


Every engagement starts with an exploratory conversation. Our first conversation is always free, and there’s never any obligation!

During our first conversation we’ll get to know each other and determine how best Makr can help you. We’ll discuss your goals, the problems you see, and issues you’ve identified. Together we’ll explore where your leverage points may be that can create the positive changes needed to achieve your goals.

Prior to developing a customized scope-of-work for your firm, we will typically run through 1-2 initial phone calls or meetings to get an idea of the complexity of the project. Every engagement starts with an assessment. Each assessment is unique and customized to address your specific goals and areas of concern. The scope of an assessment may by company-wide in the case of a small businesses, or a department, a project or initiative within a larger organization. System thinking is where we look at the whole picture, because any change you make within your company can result in a cascade of other actions in part of your organization.

Depending on your specific problems and areas of improvement you may want to work on, our next steps may range from having a second discovery process to recommending training programs to additional on-site or off-site consulting services. However, all discovery phases end with a report, including recommendations and an action plan for moving forward. It's up to you if you would like to continue with Makr to work with you to help effect change in your organization, to act as a guide, or to work on things on your own. While some of the discovery process can be done over the phone, we highly recommend that we work together on-site through most of the discovery phase.

the big picture

Organizational assessments are a big part of our process. An in-depth assessment of your organizational model is a powerful process that uncovers key issues and opportunities, and provides guidance to address both. For a small agency typical assessments spans five days and involves discovery and joint working sessions to develop an action plan that best addresses your objectives. The larger the organization, the longer the discovery process. We then make an action plan for our second phase, partnering with you to ensure you have the support and guidance to meet your goals. Our assessment concentrations may focus on agency operations, workflow / process, team, behavior or cultural difficulties.

Assessment services are scoped on an individual basis, starting with a typical discovery, assessment and recommendation phases ranging from $15,000 - $30,000 depending on the size, goals and needs of the agency. The second phase builds out the recommendations into a change management plan and OD activities designed to effect change and implement new ways or working. We offer extended engagement programs to help you achieve your organizational goals.

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