A Coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you always known you can be.
— Tom Landry

Coaching & Continuity Consulting Services

Continuity consulting

Concerned about enacting an organizational action plan? Makr is here to help you through the process. Successful execution of an action plan often requires working across the organization with key individuals and teams, this offers continuity to your organizational change process. Makr recommends the best approach for your company and will customize options to best fit your action plan goals. In addition to helping you implement organizational models, new processes, roles and technology implementations, we offer a mix of coaching / consulting to help you through the process. Continuity programs range in cost based on complexity of need. We often partner with your teams by;

Executive Consulting and Coaching

  • Consulting and ongoing support in building a strong foundation to grow your company.

  • Advice in designing policies and structures that both deliver values to your customers, your employees, and further your vision for the company.

  • Build leadership or management teams

  • Partner with your internal steering committee initiatives.

Management Consulting & Coaching

  • Facilitating planning and problem solving

  • Supporting managers to build a productive culture

  • Engaging management practices that support your culture

Team Coaching & Training

  • Facilitating team problem-solving, working sessions, or planning.

  • Supporting the team to understand and improve their work flow and dynamics.

  • Teach team based working, design thinking and creative workshops.


All coaching and consulting agreements are considered confidential in nature. Our agreement includes a mutual NDA. We highly respect the sensitive nature of all information, and as an organizational development specialist, we understand the importance of keeping all information private. Makr may provide materials to you that may be used in other consulting engagements, however anything that you share with us remains private.


Don't need a full engagement, but would like to benefit from our coaching? 

If you are interested in Coaching Services, we start with a call and run through any questions you have and what your goals and needs are, this call typically lasts 45 minutes. If we both think we are a match, and coaching seems like the right approach, then we go through an in-take questionnaire similar to our consulting questionnaire. Based on the call and the questionnaire, together we determine if this is a match.

Our goal is to provide relevant feedback as you work through any problems you may have. We help you stay accountable and look to work with you by tackling long-term problems by focusing on short-term progress. We share advice to help you solve specific problems, based on our experience. We provide an outside, honest perspective. 

Coaching can be both by phone (Skype & Google Hangout work as well) or in-person on a day fee. We are on the EST USA timezone, and can coordinate sessions based on what's best for you. Coaching works best when you are open to an outside voice. We start by focusing on a set of goals and an agenda for each call. Included in all coaching sessions are 2-3 emails per week for you to ask any questions you may have. We focus on helping you achieve your goals, but the hard work is up to you. 

Coaching is often one-on-one and lasts approximately one hour. Coaching packages start with a two-month commitment. The first month is when we get things organized and start setting goals, after that we work on the heavy lifting to get you to your goals. At the end of the two-months, we will ask if you would like to continue, and then send you a bill for the new month prior to getting started.

Prior to starting, we will send you a contract and request upfront payment for each month. Current rates include 1± hour session per week with 2-3 emails each week where you can ask additional questions (that take a reasonable time to answer). The rate is $1500 per month. Additional sessions are at $150 an hour when you are on contract.

At the start of each call, we check in to see how things are going and what's occurred since our last call, we then go over what you would like to accomplish during the session. We'll review how things went meeting your goals for the week, ask about ongoing issues, and see how you are making progress. Together, we set homework for the week to accomplish for the next call. For ongoing coaching sessions, we will set agendas for each call to help us stay on track. 

If you don't want to renew for the next month, just email to let us know. No obligation to continue.

Just want to ask MAKR a question?

Don't be afraid to reach out, I'm always available to answer any question you may have.